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Parking Lot Striping Services

Parking Lot Striping is an essential part of the public’s safety. Parking Lot Striping indicates the road and lane boundaries, passing and non-passing zones, pedestrian crossings, and control the flow of traffic. When stripes begin to fade or weather, we strongly recommend hiring us to repaint the stripes. Florida Parking Lot Striping has the right tools and equipment to quickly create quality cost effective parking lot stripes. Our reflective paints allows drivers to easily see the road lines in poor weather conditions or during the night.


South Florida Parking Lot Striping Specialists

If you own or maintain an office building, a school, shopping mall, or multiple parking lot properties, parking lot striping, signage, and car stops will make and keep your location looking professional Not only does line striping make for a clean and professional appearance, it also adds safety for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Fresh paint is a powerful way to give a clean look to your facility plus it is economical. Need special hours? General Striping, understands that commercial facilities, like yours, operate during the day and even into the night. That’s why we offer normal shifts, and night & weekend shifts to meet your operating schedule.

Protect your parking lot and your investment through preventive parking lot maintenance. It is an ideal and cost-effective solution to maximize the life of the pavement while minimizing risks. Your parking lot is the first impression of your property that guests, employees and clients have – keeping your parking lot safe and looking new increases the positive image of your company and improves the curb appeal of your property.

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